How did I get started in teaching self development? Well...after leaving a toxic relationship, I realized I had a lot of rebuilding to do. I had to rebuild my self love, my confidence, my positive outlook on life. I had to get back to my old self! So I poured myself into self help books, spiritual practices, mindfulness awareness, and more! Through this, I had that moment. I had that spiritual awakening. I realized there was no old Jenny to go back to as I was a new person now. A person who is fully connected to her true authentic self, in control of her thoughts and emotions, in touch with her spirituality, and destined to be a healer. That is why I started preaching about self development, confidence, and mindfulness as I believe that knowledge is power and anybody can become their greatest self as long as they put in the work! So through my knowledge as a certified Cognitive Behavioral Coach Practitioner, my spiritual awakening, my thousand hours of reading self development + spiritual books....I am here to give you all the right steps to start creating the best YOU! Continue to follow me to learn, evolve, and grow! You got this!

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